In 1951,

Service Transportation Inc. opened their doors in Payette, ID.  Since the beginning we have been dedicated to providing our customers and carriers with efficient, economical and professional services for all their transportation requirements.  We have an extensive customer base utilizing large and small carriers with operations throughout the 48 states and Canada. We are especially proud of our A+ rating in the industry.
As a non-asset based Transportation Intermediary, or freight broker, Service Transportation Inc maintains a standard for our carriers, by checking to confirm they are properly authorized by the FMCSA and also continues to maintain the industry standard of insurance requirements. Our goal is to provide a positive experience for everyone involved with the shipment, from scheduling and loading to final delivery. Call us to discuss how our agents can help your company.

Hotline 800-325-4107

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Needing a load?

  • On the road? A Freight Broker, or Transportation Intermediary can help find freight in those places you don’t have any contacts.
  • Our company’s standard for payment is within 30 days, but our average currently is 15 business days from receipt of the invoice/POD.
  • We wait for the payment from the shipping company so you don’t have to.
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Needing a truck?

  • Our team of experienced agents can take the place of some of your in-house transportation/logistics team, by analyzing your freight needs and then requesting the correct equipment for the shipment.
  • Our company provides current, up to date carriers with authorized FMCSA authority and current insurance, and our system helps us keep up with yearly insurance renewals.
  • We have a checklist to confirm the carriers are compliant with the government laws and regulations, so you can be assured of an FMCSA compliant carrier.
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